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Internal Rate of Return

Yield Calculator

based on the internal rate of return (IRR).

Online calculator for the computation of the net yield of arbitrary cash flows. Many cash flows with their exact dates are possible to compute within one year. The net yield is a measure for the sucess of an investmentIRR Calculator. In general, a high yield stands for an investment that is worthwhile to undertake, but there are limitations to the method and you should also have a look at the associated risks.

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Please change example values with your numbers.
Investment: You can include all payments with their dates. Therefore, you calculate the net yield or the effective interest of your investment. The interest rate is based on one year. So one can write p.a. after the rate. P.a. is Latin and stands for per annum.

Thus, your own calculations are often worthwhile in themselves.

You get accurate values and can compare different offers.

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How are many payments should be considered?
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