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Internal Rate of Return   Calculation of net yields and net present values

net yield calculation, net yield comparison

Dear visitor,

I´m glad that i can finally present you this website. It offers you the possibility to calculate net yields and net present values for exactly your situation. Your payments, your dates of payments, your tax load and your additional expenses.

Of course you can, and you should, calculate the numbers with other software. Particularly in englisch there are some very good calclators online. But as far i can see, they are all limited to one cashflow per year at a constant date. So if you want to calculate more precise, here is the place to stay.

I hope you enjoy the use of the website.

Dr. Stefan Heizmann



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Terms of service

Terms of service for the Website "" operated by Dr. Stefan Heizmann, Programming and Informationservices.

1. Area of application
These conditions apply for the entire relationship between users of the website(following the "User") and Dr. Stefan Heizmann(following "").

2. Subject of Activity offers the possibiltity to calculate financial numbers as yields and net present values. These services are availible for free. Therefore and the User do not have a business relation. All finacial offerings, that may appear on the site, are advertisings from third parties and do not belong to the reponsebility of offeres templates for the calculation of financial numbers. These templates are a starting help for the own computation of the users. Any warrenty is here also excluded.

3. Exclusion of consultation
A product consultation does not take place on the website. Transactions due to information of should be made therefore only by customers, who have sufficient product and market knowledges.

4. Limitation of Liability

4.1. Adhesion for the correctness of the calculated numbers
There is no warranty for the correctness of the calculated values. The Users should examine the calculated values in any case with another financial software for their correctness.

4.2. Adhesion for Links ist not liable for the websites you may find through Links from this website.

4.3. Other adhesion
The adhesion of is in all other respects limited as well as possible.

5. Termination and Change of service may change or terminate its offered services without notice in advance.

6. Agreement on jurisdiction
Place of delivery and exclusive area of jurisdiction is Hannover in Germany.

7. Data storage
The User agrees with the fact that his personal data, as far as they are transmitted by the User, are stored of This consent can recall the customer at any time with

8. Other
The User may be subject to additional terms and conditions that may apply when he uses or purchase certain other services in future.

Seelze 19.10.2004


Disclaimer in short

The visitors of are invited to use the informational and calculation services free of charge.
There is no warranty for the correctness of the calculated numbers. All numbers should be checked with a different software.


Dr. Stefan Heizmann
USt-IdNr.: DE266191742

Davenstedter Str. 60
30453 Hannover

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Net Yields:140755  
Installment Credits:85020  
Net Present Values:74410  
Pension by lump sum payment:54928  
Repayment Plan:37931  
Savings Plans:24775  
Early repayment charge:2315  
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