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Internal Rate of Return

The effective interest rate for a credit or mortgage.

Online Calculator for the effective interest charge of a loan.

This online calculator offers you the possibility to compute the effective interest rate of a credit for free. All additional expenses with their exact pay dates can be included in the calculation. For the theory, please read about the IRR method.

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Name of the credit giver: Please change the example values to your numbers.

You have the possibility to calculate the effective interest charge here. Effective means with all additional expenses and fees. Even if your bank does talk about effective interest rate or effective interest charge, usually not everything is included, like account processing, supply interest, estimate fees, partial disbursement impacts, insurance premiums, administrative expense lump sums, conclusion fees etc.

The calculation method is exact and recommended worldwide by the International Security Market Association (ISMA) and in Germany is obglitory by law.

If you have no real numbers here you may start building an amortisation schedule.
Credit sum:$
Date of disbursement :
Amount of the installments: $
Payment:  to monthly first
 to monthly center
First installment:
Last installment:
How many the extras payments? (e.g. conclusion rate)
Spreadsheet template for the computation of the effective interest -->

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