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Internal Rate of Return

Calculating net yield, effective interest and net present value


Yield p.a.     start-->

Net yield of an investment followed by returns.

Net Present Value(NPV)     start-->

The actual value of expected payments in the future.

Effective interest of a savings plan.     start-->

Effective interest of a savings plan with monthly payments.

Effective interest on an installment credit     start-->

Effective interest on a loan with monthly payments
New: You can create a repayment plan with the nominal interest and all additional repayments. Then you can compute the effective interest with all additional expenses or calculate the early repayment charge for a premature redemption.

Pension by lump sum payment     start-->

New: Annuitisation of a capital sum is often the best way to provide financial security when in retirement. Information on the advantages and calculation of the amount of an annuity for life by lump sum payment.

Net Yields:140751  
Installment Credits:84997  
Net Present Values:74408  
Pension by lump sum payment:54514  
Repayment Plan:37515  
Savings Plans:24767  
Early repayment charge:2311  
Performance of the system

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